The Pinewood Legacy Garden Project transformed a highly visible, barren expanse of dirt into a vibrant garden space to learn, play and enjoy.  It fills 1,500 square feet adjacent to the Pinewood Elementary auditorium and school offices and abuts a high-traffic walkway, and cover a gentle slope to a seating area.

The new garden of bountiful  native foliage, and the birds and butterflies it attracts, delight students as they leave the auditorium. There, two play-friendly, water-wise California native grasses border an existing walkway, allowing children to romp alongside the beaten path. They encounter subtle, new topography: a bioswale designed to direct and infiltrate water, and a deeply mulched slope framed by existing stairs on their way to a seating area cooled by fruit-bearing pomegranate, fuji apple and clementine trees.

The Pinewood Legacy Garden is designed to deliver more than beauty. It is intended to be a powerful tool that:

  1. Supports student health, wellness, and academic achievement
  2. Serves as an experiential learning tool for students, teachers, and community
  3. Mitigates food insecurity and hunger
  4. Cools the play space and community
  5. Saves water and reduces school operational costs
  6. Increases LA’s resilience in Tujunga
  7. Sparks pride in students, teachers, parents and community members


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